PROFESSIONAL ROLE LEARNING PATH: Certified Python Programming Skilled Professional (4CPPSP)

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The 4ProPlus Certified Python Programming Skilled Professional course is a vendor-neutral certification to train individuals to apply for an Python Programming role in all verticals.

Topics covered in this course include:

Programming for Beginners

Advanced Scalable Python Web Development Using Flask
Data Visualization with Python and Matplotlib
Essential Docker for Python Flask Development
Learn iPython: The Full Python IDE
Professional Python Web Development using Flask
Professional RESTful API Design using Python Flask
Python Game Development
Python NumPy: Scientific Computing with Python
Object Oriented Programming
Python Web Programming

Successful completion of this path will award the recipient a 4MedPlus certification and badge/seal as a: Certified Python Programming Skilled Professional (4CPPSP) which has been reviewed and approved by the 4ProPlus Educational and Technical Advisory Boards.


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