JOB-ROLE LEARNING PATH: Certified Level I Basic Programming Specialist (4CBPS)

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An entry level programming specialist understand how to store, locate, and retrieve specific documents, data, and information; code into computer language; test, monitor, debug, document and maintain computer programs. A basic understanding of web development and data analytics is also a plus. This program includes the basics of popular languages such as C# and Python, while cementing skills using game design and web design modules.
Courses in this learning path include:
→ C# Programming Fundamentals
→ Python Programming Basics Proficiency
→ CSS Website Design and Development
→ Introductory Python Game Development
→ Data Visualization w/ Python/MatPlotLib

Completion of this entire bundle will award the recipient all 5 certificates of proficiency AND a certification and badge/seal as a: Certified Level I Basic Programming Specialist (4CBPS) which has been reviewed and approved by the 4ProPlus Educational and Technical Advisory Board.


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