Certificate of Interpersonal Skills Proficiency (4SCISP)

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COURSE DESCRIPTION: Certificate of Interpersonal Skills Proficiency: What if we told you that that charismatic person at your job, who has a way with others, delivers presentations like a maestro, wiggles out of situations with ease is actually an introvert? It turns out many charismatic people were actually trained to have remarkable interpersonal skills as opposed to it being caused by genetics. Interpersonal skills are one of the most important soft skills you need to make it big in the corporate world.


  • Interact with others effectively on the job and with the larger world
  • Develop listening skills to absorb more information and tackle problems from a logical standpoint
  • Express appreciation, become a better team player, and resolve conflict
  • Read signals others send and interpret them precisely to elicit the right response


Completion of this course delivers a 4PRO+ CERTIFICATE OF PROFICIENCY and includes a BADGE/SEAL

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